Name:              Frederick J. Policelli




Education:    BS / Mechanical Engineering, Aerodynamic Option, Lafayette College, Easton, PA
Tau Beta Pi


Work Experience:      


1994 to Present                

Frederick Policelli Inc Composite Structures Design & Manufacturing Consulting to:


                        o     U.S. Navy :  Composite shipboard equipment Design Consulting

o     Groen Brothers Aviation, Salt Lake City, UT:  Helicopter Blade Design

                        o     Advanced Polymer Coatings, Avon, OH:  Railroad Cargo Tank Design   

                        o     DeVault And Associates, Inc., USA:  Various Composite Design Projects 

o     Infrastructure Composites International, Inc.:  Denver, CO  Large Bridge Decks

o    The Nackowski Group, Inc., Monroe, UT:  Wind Turbine Design & Mfg

o    University of California, San Diego, LaJolla, CA:  US Army Tank Bridge

o    XXSYS Technologies Inc. San Diego, CA:  Highway Bridges Seismic Retrofit

o    ASCUS Technologies, Inc.  Cleveland, OH:  Design of Truck Trailer Tanks

o    Advanced Polymer Coatings, Ltd. Cleveland:  Large Cargo Ship Tank Design

                        o    Otto Malaria S.p.A., La Spezia, Italy:  Army Tank Suspension System

o    TAEMA SpA  Rome, Italy:  Composite Design, Mfg., Quality Control

o    Trans Science Corp.  LaJolla, CA:  Rocket Casing Design Project

o    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, San Diego, CA:  Light Wt. Aircraft

o    Charleston Advanced Polymer, LLC, Charleston, NC:  Ship Cargo Tanks


1992 - 1994     TAEMA SpA, a Hercules Joint Venture, Rome, Italy

                        Chief Engineer

                            - Promote and develop new composites market areas in Europe:  Customer

                               presentations, Engineering support to design and manufacturing.

                            - Technical development of new products including Rail, Truck, Ship, Bridge,

                            -  Oil Production, Wind Turbines, Space and Automotive applications


1958 - 1992                 Hercules Incorporated: DOD Security Clearance: Secret  


1984 - 1992     Hercules Advanced Materials & Systems Company, Hercules Inc.

                        Hercules Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

                        Chief Engineer, Composite Structures

                           - Direct product design, facility, and manufacturing functions

                           - Design of  first ‘Fiber Placement (filament winding) Machine”

   - Promotion and development of new composites market areas

                           - Engineering support of Hercules joint venture and acquisition expansions



1982 - 1984     Hercules Aerospace Company, Hercules Inc.

                        Magna, Utah

                        Technical Manager

                        NASA Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motor (SRM) Filament Wound Composite
                        Casing Development Program



1965 - 1982     US Naval Systems Command, Allegany Ballistics Laboratory, Hercules Inc.

                        Rocket Center, West Virginia

                        o  Composite Structures Marketing Manager

                           - Oil Field Application Products dealing with drilling, well completion,

                              wireline services, down-well tools, oil & gas pumping, composite tension legs

- Management of Rocket Motor Casing & Airframe Research, Development and Production Marketing

                           - Aircraft Structures Marketing Development

                           - Filament Wound Wind Turbine Blades, Design and Market Development

                        o  Program Manager

                           - Production development of filament wound composite main rotor blade for

                              U.S. Army AH-1 Cobra Helicopter

                        o  Solid Propulsion Marketing Manager

                           - Market analysis, sales projections, business planning, corporate presentations


1961 - 1965     Young Development Division, Hercules Powder Company

                        Princeton , New Jersey

                        o  Technical Department Manager

                           - Composite Filament Winding: Quality control, Design engineering, Structural

                              development, Materials research, Sales development

                        o  Marketing Manager

                           - Composite Filament wound Rocket motors, Underwater structures, Commercial products

                        o  Design Superintendent

- Solid propellant, composite filament wound rocket casing design: U.S. Navy Polaris, Poseidon and, Trident Missiles, NASA upper stage Scout Motors, Army Hybex.

                         - Design of U.S. Army Sprint Anti-ballistic, filament wound missile motor cases   


 1958 - 1961    Bacchus Works, Hercules Powder Company, Magna, Utah

                        o  Design Project Engineer

U.S. Airforce Minuteman composite filament wound motor casing: Third Stage Design, Stress analysis, Missile Interface control



1956 - 1958     U.S. Army, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland

                        o  Mechanical Engineer

                           - Development and Proof Services Division, and Ballistic Research

                             Laboratory. Design of: Large bore gun tubes, Supersonic shock tube,

                             Satellite tracking mount, and Hypervelocity projectile launcher




Publications:    Papers on Filament Winding and Composites for: Infrastructure,

                             Automotive, Marine, Off-shore Platforms, Missiles and Space.





  1. Capture Feature solving joint rotation and O-Ring gland opening
    Solid Rocket Motor for Space Shuttle
  2. Filament wound slidable cartridge rocket casing
  3. Filament wound pinned segemental rocket casing
  4. Filament wound pressure vessel aperture reinforcement
  5. Composite welded connections
  6. Filament wound threaded tubular connections
  7. Filament wound helicopter blade and fixed wing spars
  8. Filament wound multi-cell composite structures
  9. Tapered filament wound uniaxial composite structures
  10. Curved Pultrusions for special ship construction
  11. Variable pitch process for filament winding of prismatic objects
  12. 3-Dimentional filament wound interwoven mesh
  13. Filament wound tendon anchorage for concrete pre-stressing
  14. Design equations for composite casings
  15. Composite sandwich panel corner joint design
  16. Deployable subsea pile casing
  17. Manufacture of filament wound tapered gun barrels
  18. Composite gun barrel brake
  19. Filament wound pressure vessel support foundation


Patents:           U.S. and foreign patents on Filament Wound Rocket Motor Cases, Filament

                        Tubulars and Attachments, Concrete Reinforcement Composite Devices.  Other

                        Patents written, applied and pending


                        3,750,823   Filament Wound Vessel and Method of Manufacture

                        4,372,426   Filament Wound Interlaminate Tubular Attachment and Method

                                                of Manufacture

                        4,530,379   Segmental Filament Wound Jointed  Rocket Casing

                        4,813,715   End Connections for Filament Wound Tubes    

                        5,233,737   Filament Wound Threaded Tube Connections

                        5,768,847   Concrete Reinforcing Devices, Concrete Reinforcing Structures,

                                                and Method of and Apparatus for Producing Such Devices

                                                and Structures

                        5,846,364   Reinforced Concrete Structures, Reinforcing Device, and Method

                                                for Producing Same

Society Memberships:

-                      Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering

-                      Composite Fabricators Association

-                      American Society of Materials

-                      New York Academy of Sciences

-                      Associazione Techica Dell’Automobile


Community:    Kiwanis International :  Chapter President, LaVale, MD

                        Jr. Chamber of Commerce; Chapter President, Hopewell, NJ;

                        Rotary International: Holladay, UT